SOFFA Support Groups

Wondering what a SOFFA is?  SOFFA stands for Significant Others, Family, Friends and Allies.  TSAZ recognizes that each and every one of you experiences the questioning and transitioning of your loved one/friend differently.  You are transitioning as well and this is commonly referenced as a co-journey.  Are you looking for a group to learn more or get some social support?  TSAZ has you covered. Currently there are two SOFFA groups meeting:

TSAZ also recognizes the different levels of acceptance that can occur during a SOFFA’s co-journey.  We respect and value all of you and will meet you where you are.  More than likely, someone else in the room will be in the same place you are or will have experienced what you are going through now in the past. We are here to support you, help educate you and to simply thank you for reaching out to learn more.  We hope to see you in group soon!


Gender 3rd Space

Trans* Spectrum is currently seeking community leaders interested in helping to start a gender 3rd space for people challenging society’s socially constructed ‘binary’ norms. All 3rd space individuals are welcome, including but not limited to: gender fluid, queer, agender, gender neutral, androgynous and cross dressing. Stay up to date by following our Facebook Page.
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