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Sunday, April 12th 

  • 9:00  Meet at 3rd Street & Oak.  Check in, sign forms, and get t-shirts with Jen / Aiden / Emmett.
  • 9:30  Everyone should be in place and ready to march
  • 10:00  The parade steps off!
  • 11:30 Parade ends at Steele Indian School Park, 3rd Street and Indian School Rd.

A few guidelines to keep in mind from the Pride Parade committee and TSAZ:

  • All parade marchers are strongly encouraged to wear a TSAZ shirt.
  • Marchers will sign a form for code of conduct and liability waiver. The media release is optional.
  • Beware of heat exhaustion and/or stroke. Be aware of hazards while marching. Bring water!
  • No alcohol is allowed during the parade.
  • All dress must comply with Obscenity Statutes in Arizona.  Participants must be fully clothed.
  • No sexually inappropriate behavior or foul language.  Small children and families will be present.
  • Show respect for all gender expression, sexes, ages, races, cultures, creeds, abilities and sexual orientations.
  • To ensure the safety and fun of all parade participants, the Trans* Spectrum of Arizona Parade Marshals reserve the right to ask any participant to leave the contingent if they cannot abide by Pride rules and guidelines.
  • No late-comers will be permitted to join us after the parade begins, per rules of Phoenix Pride.
  • Youth group members are invited to carry our banner and lead our contingent.
  • TSAZ Parade Marshals are Jen and Aiden Sismondo and Emmett Troxel.

DATE: 4/12/2015 (Sun 9:00AM – 11:30AM)

LOCATION: 3rd Street & Oak, Phoenix

Please sign up here

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