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All residents for Maricopa County

You don’t need a lawyer to change your name in Maricopa County. All the forms and instructions are available for download through the Self-Serve Center. You can download the entire packet or each piece individually. The instructions will tell you what to fill out, how many copies to make, and where to go to turn it in.

There is one set of for adults with minor children

Another for those without minor children:

To get a hearing date, follow the instructions, turn in the application and pay the filing fees. If you cannot afford the filing fees, there is a payment plan available. You will be given a slip of paper for you to call 3-5 business days later to schedule a court hearing. It takes about a month. If you are married, you will need to get a notarized document from your spouse. If you have brought your birth certificate, the judge will add a request to the order that the birth certificate be changed. This does not automatically change the birth certificate; it simply gives you a little legal oomph towards getting it changed should you need it. Following the hearing, you can (should) immediately go get a certified copy of the name change order.


• Are you a resident of the county where you are filing this request? AND,

• Are you asking the Court to change your name, AND,

• Are you are an adult 18 years or older, AND,

• Are you are prepared under penalty of perjury to inform the Court whether you have ever been convicted of a felony and whether there are any pending charges against you for a felony or other offense involving false statements or misrepresentation of identity, AND,

• Do you understand that the name change will neither harm your rights nor release you from any obligations or liabilities incurred under your current name, AND,

• Do you swear that you are not changing your name to that of another person for the purpose of committing any crime or furthering any offense involving fraud or misrepresentation of identity?


In order to get the gender marker changed, you’ll need a letter from a licensed physician saying two things, one, that you are that you are “irrevocably committed” to changing your gender, and two, that you have received “appropriate clinical treatment.” The signed letter or signed statement must include the physician’s license number. Physician can include licensed medical, naturopathic and mental health practitioner.

A letter from a doctor is not required if you are doing a name change only. Check with Social Security Department for exact wording required.  Some courts will now allow you to also change your gender marker when you change your legal name.


If you are receiving SSI, SSDI or Medicare benefits, you will need to inform them, so they can update that information as well. It takes only about a week to get a new Social Security card, but it will take over a month to get a new Medicare card. You will get a letter at the SSA office that same day that you can use until you get your updated Social Security card in the mail. Please check Social Security website for proper wording for gender marker change.


You’ll want to obtain a certified copy of your birth certificate from your state of birth if you plan to modify it. Some states are much easier than others and requirements are changing constantly.

Lambda Legal maintains an up-to-date list of states.

Arizona is among several states that will amend birth certificates t reflect changes to names and gender designation. Additional copies of birth certificates are $35 at vital records offices; please provide certified change of name order from Maricopa, SSN card and a picture ID.


Changing your gender marker and name through the Arizona Department of Transportation and Motor Vehicles Department requires that you apply for a new license (duplicate) in person at any MVD office. To request your gender noted on your record to be changed, the letter or signed statement from any licensed physician is required. The letter must be presented within three months from the date the statement was signed. Please also bring your copy of the change of name order, SSN card and the fee for duplicate ID which can cost anywhere from $10-$12 USD. (MVD fees subject to change)

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