GYCC- Greater Yavapai County Coalition
We need your help to take action now!!! Please read!!!

Dear LGBTQ+, Friends, Family, and Community Partners,

It came to our attention that the Kingman Daily Minor, the newspaper in Kingman, Arizona, has put out a very scathing article about transgender people (dated today). I am sharing it with you in hopes that you will share it widely and help create awareness about the tragedies among transgender people that the article can cause.

The article: (also posted below)…/column-transgender-recruiting-plans-…/

Everyday, GYCC get reports of domestic violence, rape, suicide, substance abuse and homelessness among our transgender community in Northern Arizona. The realities of the data we are able to see related to transgender suicide and homicide is extremely staggering. In August 2018, 4 transgender people I personally knew personally either committed suicide or were murdered. Just yesterday, I read that 4 transgender women have been murdered in Florida since the start of the year. Today…I read this.

The reality is that this article perpetuates fear-mongering and it puts transgender people at risk. Where we at GYCC are bridge builders, we also must act when an organization that is supposed to inform the public on real news, perpetuates false and misleading information concerning this vulnerable population. Please, we encourage you to respond. We encourage you to use your voice to share that what the Kingman Daily Minor has done is damaging and is perpetuating the stereotypes.

To contact the Daily Minor by phone: 928-753-6397
To email the paper, email Shawn Byrne (editor) “Attn Debbie White-Hoel” (CEO) at and share with them how this article leads to the victimization of transgender people. Tell them that you support inclusion and respect for transgender people and ask that they stop putting out this type of false and misleading information.

Thank you for your time