Make A Difference

Have you ever wondered how you can make a difference, Please go here to Donate how you can make a lasting impact on the trans and ally community of Arizona? We have an answer for you!

You can have a lasting impact on the Arizona trans and ally community by making a donation to Trans Spectrum of Arizona. TSAZ began 3 years ago by providing peer to peer support groups for the trans and ally community. In March 2014 TSAZ began the process of becoming an official recognized organization. We’ve put together an advisory team to take TSAZ from a community group to an official organization. We are outreaching to advisers, professionals and potential fiscal sponsors to ensure we are growing responsibly and efficiently. This organization does and will exist to empower our transgender and gender non-conforming community and provide educational and support programs. We need your help to make this continued journey possible — please consider making a donation today. Making a donation is simple and easy here and any amount ‘makes a difference’!