Trans Spectrum of Arizona Looking for Business Sponsors

Trans Spectrum of Arizona (TSAZ) began quietly in 2012. In our founder’s living room a few transgender individuals got together with allies to discuss the problems presented by transitioning one’s gender. Where to find medical resources, therapy, and how to live day to day in one’s new gender. Where to shop for clothing, which salons offered safe, friendly services, and much more were frequent topics.

Today TSAZ meets twice monthly, welcoming over 70 individuals to each meeting. Transgender Males, Females. Gender Non-Conforming, all attend along with their Significant Others, Family, Friends and Allies (SOFFAs) to discuss the challenges and successes of transitioning gender.

We are proud to announce an opportunity for you and your business to become a more active sponsor of our efforts. By becoming a business ally of Trans Spectrum of Arizona your brand will be on display to our community at least weekly, again and again, for an entire year. This is a powerful marketing opportunity and a tremendous way to show your support.

The challenges that Transgender individuals face are myriad and our support groups provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions and seek professional and business service referrals, in a welcoming and safe space. We are adding educational sessions to our calendar and will be hosting monthly social gatherings to help our members become more educated and comfortable in their new lives. Your information will be displayed and made available at each of these gatherings.

We continue to grow and in 2016 became a 501(C)3 non-profit organization.  We publish a Transgender Resource Guide which can be found on our website, along with more detailed information about us. To continue our mission, and reach a wider audience, we need your help. We shop in your stores, we buy your products and we refer you to our friends. Please consider becoming a Business Ally of TSAZ by making a donation today!

An annual donation to TSAZ provides you and your business with an advertisement displayed at all of our events and a listing in our resource guide:

  • Business Card size ad                      $50 per year
  • 4” x 6” advertisement                    $100 per year
  • 8” x 10” advertisement                 $250 per year

We need your help to make this continuing journey possible — please consider making a donation today, it’s simple and easy. Mail your donation and advertisement information to:

Trans Spectrum of Arizona PO Box 36073 Phoenix, AZ 85067

You are always welcome to attend any of our sessions. For more information contact Samantha at
or Kendra at